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Federal District Court in Maryland dismisses E-Verify Suit August 31, 2009

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A Federal Judge in Maryland dismissed the suit brought by the US Chambers of Commerce. Employers will now have to start using E-Verify September 8th.


Survey indicates that health care costs will rise by 10.5% next year August 26, 2009

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A recent study by AON Consulting indicates that the cost of healthcare will increase by 10.5% next year.  The good news is it’s slightly less than a year ago.

The survey found that costs are projected to increase by 10.4 percent for HMOs, 10.4 percent for point-of-service (POS) plans, 10.7 percent for PPOs and 10.5 percent for consumer-driven health (CDH) plans.

Prescription drug costs are expected to increase 9.3 percent, which is slightly lower than the 9.4 percent rise one year ago.


Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance August 25, 2009

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After much searching and deliberation, SOLUTIONS has chosen a guaranteed issue health insurance provider.  We encounter many individuals that would be turned down, under normal circumstances, for insurance plans.  AIM Health Insurance is a group plan that individuals can join and will be issued health insurance.  There are pre-existing conditions clause, but for the majority, doctors visits, check ups, diagnostic testing, emergency visits and hospital in patient, to name a few, are services that will be covered, in accordance with the pre-existing condition clause of the contract.  MOST IMPORTANTLY.  You will receive a HIPAA certificate of credible coverage, which is the certificate that you get when you transfer from one group plan to another. 

Simply put, if you have a pre-existing condition and can’t get coverage, now you can.  The HIPAA certificate counts toward your next group carriers pre-existing condition exclusionary period.  If you decide to stay on AIM, the condition will be covered after the waiting period.  It is a win-win situation for you.  To review the plan you can go to http://aimhealthplans.com/solutionsinsurance

COBRA Enrollment Doubles after Federal Subisdy August 25, 2009

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It’s not only the cash for clunkers piece of the economic stimulus package that has proven to be an overwhelming success. Since the federal government began paying 65% of the COBRA Premium for up to nine months, COBRA enrollment has doubled according to an analysis conducted by Hewitt Associates, Inc.

For the period March through June enrollment rates for laid-off employees averaged 38% compared to 19% in the prior period.

August is Open Enrollment Month for Self Employed & 1 Employee Businesses August 13, 2009

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In July of 2000 legislation went into effect that changed small group health insurance in Florida.  This legislation allows insurance carriers to rate a business based on the health conditions of the companies employees instead of using a community rating system.  Self employed persons and businesses of one employee have one open enrollment period a year.  That period began on August 1 for coverage that becomes effective on October 1.

This is the only time of the year that self employed and 1 employee businesses can get guarantee issue group health coverage. 

Florida does allow the insurance carriers to set underwriting standards for these businesses. Many companies have begun requiring the premium be paid by a check from a business account.

All insurance companies require tax forms to qualify as a business. Two proofs are required one being taxes.  The following is required:

  • A copy of your schedule C or 941 quarterly tax form from Florida
  • An occupational license if required to have one
  • A copy of your schedule C or 941 quarterly tax form from Florida
  • Corporation Paperwork

Although these plans are available during the month of August. They may not be your best option. There are many Individual Health Plans on the market today. Individual health insurance plans are medically underwritten and do not fall under the business guidelines. Individual plan rates are often less than business plans. People often think they are uninsurable because of an existing health condition but this is not always the case.  Individual underwriting guidelines are designed to make sure you are a good risk. They do not require that you be in perfect health.  Guarantee issue individual plans are also available.

One thing is for sure, health insurance coverage is a necessity. More bankruptcies occur due to the cost of medical care than for any other reason.

SOLUTIONS will be glad to help you with your insurance needs whether it be group, individual or family.

Guest Bloggers on the SOLUTIONS Insurance Services Blog August 13, 2009

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From time to time we will have guest bloggers providing information that is topical to you. The first guest blogger will appear later today. Keep watching for more information.

10 Steps to Improve Your Cash Flow August 13, 2009

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By  Melissa Nash Andrews, Vice President of ARI

Are you an architect, attorney, drywall installer, pilot, accountant, graphic designer, or programmer? Chances are, whatever your profession, you did not go into business to lose money or to not get paid. Even if you volunteer part of your time, you do so for a reason and that, too, is dependent on your ability to make money from the work you do for paying clients.

The following 10 Steps to Improve your Cash Flow is an excerpt from the book, How To Get Paid On Time, Every Time and implemented into your business, can reduce your aging, improve client relations and increase your cash balance.

Establish Credit Limits and Guidelines   If you provide any services or products without full payment at the time of delivery, then you are issuing credit.  A credit limit is a limit of dollar amount and time.  Limits are not fixed. As you stay on top of your accounts, you may have to make adjustments.  Guidelines are the terms and situations under which you grant credit.  Write credit guidelines to terms that suit your business.

Check Credit and Trade References   By pulling a credit report, you may learn valuable information that either makes you more confident in granting credit or leads you to a decision not to grant credit at all.   The trade references should be called at the time of application. In my experience, it is generally true that most people don’t call these references. 

Establish Set Billing Practices    You have to have a Billing System (process).  Some regime that is systematically followed without thought or question.  Successful businesses do not need to reinvent the wheel. Accounting systems have been successfully in place in many sizes and types of businesses.   Simply apply common sense, train everyone that systems must be followed, and stick with it. 

Track Dollars   Tracking dollars can reveal not only clear information to guide your AR department, but also provide clues on how to improve your operations.  Every day, countless professionals work without a system of tracking their money. This allows little cracks, which can be costly, to appear. You wouldn’t say, “My sink is just leaking a little so it’s okay,” and you wouldn’t ignore a tire on your car which was only a few pounds low.

What ROI™ Really Means   This is a peer-to-peer call from accounting to accounting and is purely information-gathering.  Simply ask if the invoice has been received. If not, don’t insist that you sent it. Now is a good time to ask, “What is the best way to get this to you?” The other person controls your destiny now. You are on a fact-finding mission.  Treat the other accounting person like a VIP. This is not the time for the drill sergeant to come out. This is a courtesy call and customer service. There is a huge benefit to this call, beyond finding out that your invoice has been received.  ROI™ means “Receipt of Invoice.

Avoid Call Reluctance    For many of my clients, attorneys and others, the phone can weigh 2000 pounds.

I borrow the term “call reluctance” from the sales world, but the psychology is the same. For many people, there is a serious reluctance to call and ask to get paid.  Find a way around call reluctance. The system cannot work if you make the calls only when you are in the right mood. The system must be followed every time.

Remember, be confident yet polite.

 Plug Leaks Quickly    The squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Find out early what is going on. Don’t wait 60 days. That first ROI™ call can reveal little signs of problems. Look at the aging of the invoices as a sign of danger. Avoid the all-too-common evasion in simply thinking, “They will work it out.” How do you know if you don’t call to find out?

Be Reasonable   It is not a bad idea to be reasonable, even in the face of unreasonable clients, as a calculated technique to getting paid and avoiding problems in the future.  Depending on what kind of clients you serve, you may be used to dealing with less-than-accurate views of the world. It should not keep you from getting paid. Placing intellect over emotion will give you a competitive edge and keep you a step ahead. If something really is your fault, deal with it.  I have to repeat myself here: If something really is your fault, deal with it!

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do   What? Did I just suggest ending a business relationship? One that you worked so hard to obtain? Yes, I sure did. Sometimes, nothing feels as good as letting go.  Include a “Cease Work Agreement” as part of your business plan. It can be either something that is presented only if need be, or a part of the terms and conditions of your contract.

Communicate — The Most Powerful Tool – The most powerful tool at your disposal is communication. Whether it is the purpose-driven, scheduled, fact-finding calls or a smiley face and a handwritten note on an invoice, communication is the key.  Silence and delays reduce your success rate. 

Melissa Nash Andrews is the Founder of ARI, a full-service collection agency in West Palm Beach, Florida and the author of How To Get Paid On Time, Every Time.  ARI offers a unique beginning-to-end solution designed to transform the operation of your Accounts Receivable process. For more information on ARI or Nash’s recently published book, please visit www.howtogetpaidontime.com.

How To Get Paid On Time, Every Time

How To Get Paid On Time, Every Time

An Autographed copy of ARI’s book will be “raffled” off through an email drawing… To enter the drawing, send and email to book@solutionsinsuranceservices.com with “Book” in the subject line and your name and mailing address in the body of the email.

Study find that 66% of U.S. Companies offer Wellness Programs August 11, 2009

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A new study for the National Association of Manufacturers which was conducted by Health2 Resources found that  66%  percent of employers offer at least one wellness program to their employees. The study also found that many employers also use incentives to encourage employees to participate in the programs.


Wellness programs are popular becuase overtime they can lead to not only reduced healthcare insurance cost but they can also reduce the number of absences related to Illness. A healthy workforce utilizes their healthcare coverage less frequently and becuase of less illness is at work a greater percentage of the time.


In 2009 the average value of incentives was $329 in 2009. Incentives can vary greatly. One popular one is $1 per pound for weight loss. Incentives can also include health insurance premium reductions which are amoung the most common incenitives. 

Vist SOLUTIONS Insurance Services at the HR Florida Expo in Orlando August 10, 2009

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SOLUTIONS Insurance Services is going to the HR Florida Annual Conference and Expo in Orlando August 16 – 19 at the beautiful Shingle Creek Resort.

This conference is the premier event for Human Resources professionals in the State of Florida.

Make sure you stop and see us at booth 626.

Welcome to the SOLUTIONS Insurance Services Blog August 2, 2009

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Hello and welcome to the brand new SOLUTIONS Insurance Services blog, your official source for information from and updates about SOLUTIONS Insurance Services. Not only can you learn more about SOLUTIONS, but we will also post valuable information that you need to know. 

SOLUTIONS wants to be your broker choice for health, dental, life, disability, long term care and supplemental insurance products. Whether you need coverage for you and your family or for your employees, SOLUTIONS is here to help you.

We intend to use this blog to:

  • Provide updates and information about SOLUTIONS Insurance Services.
  • Highlight enhancements in our products and services.
  • Pass along valuable information that small business owners need to know regarding insurance benefits, payroll and human resources.
  • Provide updates regarding insurance and the products available.

Additionally we want to hear from you.

What do you think about SOLUTIONS?  Whether you are an insurance client or a client for only one of our business support services, we want to hear what you have to say about SOLUTIONS.

We plan on posting every week so grab the RSS feed or sign up for an e-mail alert to receive notification of new entries as they are posted.