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Michelle’s Law – Do you have full-time college students? What you should know. November 9, 2009

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With so much activity regarding healthcare changes, it’s certainly difficult to keep abreast of all the different laws enacted and determine how they affect you and your family. Michelle’s Law goes into effect on January 1, 2010. What this law requires is, if your dependent child attending college loses their full-time student status due to a serious illness or injury and takes a leave of absence, they will continue their coverage in an employer’s group health plan for up to one year after the leave begins or the date on which the child’s coverage under the group plan would end.

For example: The state applies coverage regulations for dependent children who are full-time students up to 25 years old; if the child takes a leave from college at age 22, they would remain covered for up to one year without being a full-time student; however if the child takes a leave from college at age 24 and turns 25 in 3 months, Michelle’s Law no longer applies and coverage does not extend past the maximum age of 25.

As a parent with college student, Michelle’s Law is a need-to-know. You will know that your child is covered or you can make the necessary decisions for changes to your health care plan.



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