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Federal COBRA Subsidy – Another 2 Month Extension April 23, 2010

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President Obama has approved another two month extension for the 65% federal subsidy for health insurance premiums for those individuals who are involuntarily terminated from employment. COBRA, as a quick reminder, is what an individual can elect to participate in for their health insurance. Normally, the individual would pay the full rate for health insurance that is billed to the employer, plus a small administrative fee. With the federal subsidy, individuals only pay 35% of those rates, the federal goverment is paying the rest.

This round of extensions will cover anyone involuntarily terminated through May 31, 2010. There are talks of extending the subsidy through the end of the year, we just have to wait and see.


Social Security Administration to Radomize new Social Security Numbers April 10, 2010

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) is moving to randomize the issuing of Social Security Numbers (SSNs).

Currently the first three digits of the SSN represents the state where the individual was born. SSA has planned for a May 2011 implementation date.

The changes mean SSA will begin issuing SSNs with 8 or 7 in the first position and continue to not issue SSNs with 9 in the first position or 000 or 666 in positions 1 – 3.

Healthcare Coverage Scams – Buyer Beware April 8, 2010

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Since the passage of the healthcare reform bills, scams have surfaced by parties claiming to sell required health coverage. Beware of these claims and make sure that you buy any coverage from a licensed agent. Read more about this at http://www.lifeandhealthinsurancenews.com/News/2010/4/Pages/Sebelius-Warns-Of-Health-Care-Reform-Scams-.aspx?nul