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What do your medical records say about you? July 13, 2010

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When you apply for insurance, the first thing the insurance company does is pull your MIB report. MIB, formerly the Medical Information Bureau.

The MIB maintains a database of confidential information of underwriting significance when an individual applies for life, health, disability income, long-term care or critical illness insurance.

MIB’s primary purpose is to protect insurance companies from potential clients who knowingly or unknowingly omit information about their insurability on their applications.

Now, we have experienced insurance companies finding errors in clients’ MIB files. These errors have even caused some policies to be declined. We had to appeal the decision, get a letter from the doctor correcting the error, etc. etc. Some appeals are successful, some are not.

The point is that you’re entitled to know what information the MIB file has on you, and once a year it’s free to do so!!

We’ve provided the link below for your convenience.


Please remember that we are always happy to answer any questions you might have about your health insurance needs. Please email or call us.

For your convenience we can be reached at 800-928-7449 or info@solutionsinsuranceservices.com.



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