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Carrier Profile – AvMed Health Plans March 7, 2011

Posted by solutionsinsuranceservices in Health Insurance, Individual Insurance.

When people think of Health Insurance, they think of two areas, deductibles and co-pays.  AvMed Health Plans has combined these two for ease of use by the consumer.  Their individual plans allow the consumer to choose a straight HMO with no out of network features or a POS, which is basically an HMO with an out of network feature.

Furthermore, they have added co-pays for virtually everything.  Doctor’s visit, Specialist Visit, Emergency Rooms use, Urgent Care use, Labs, even MRI’s all have co-pays.  What this allows the consumer to do is purchase a very high deductible plan and, except for catastrophic events, never need to fulfill the deductible, but rather use a co-pay for receiving the services they need.

If you are a consumer who does not want to worry about satisfying a deductible before accessing many services and want a simpler co-pay system, AvMed would be your smart choice.

AvMed Health Plans has been servicing Florida customers for nearly 40 years.  Today, AvMed is Florida’s largest not-for-profit health plan.



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