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Christmas has been CANCELLED! December 2, 2011

Posted by solutionsinsuranceservices in Health Insurance.

Over the summer Santa was doing a little home maintenance and while painting the Toy Shop he slipped and fell off the ladder.  When he hit the floor he broke his leg and was rushed to the hospital. 

 The problem is that Santa’s health insurance has a big deductible and he had to pay thousands of dollars to cover that and his co-insurance cost.  Santa is doing better now but he spent all of his savings to cover his out of pocket costs and he didn’t have any money to buy the supplies he needed to make the toys. And this is the reason that Christmas is cancelled!

 Accidents happen and that’s why Solutions Insurance Services offers an Accident and Critical Illness coverage to fill in the gaps in your health coverage.

$10,000 of Accident Coverage is only $16.30 per month!

To review our accident policy please go to: http://www.accidentandcriticalillness.com/



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