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Here’s What’s Happened At SOLUTIONS January 12, 2011

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Please excuse us for taking a break from reporting all the news and information you were accustomed to receiving. We found ourselves restructuring the organization and were focused there. WE ARE BACK and looking forward to a renewed purpose in 2011. This may be a slight bit late, but we want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and successful new year and we look forward to bringing you news, events and updates throughout the year.


Clearing Up A COBRA Misconception February 8, 2010

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We have had several people ask us to do an individual health insurance quote to compare to their COBRA rates. When these people were asked why they were going on COBRA (sometimes it is our recommendation to access the government assistance and elect COBRA), we were told that their employer was going out of business and their insurance plan was ending. We would like to take a moment to clarify COBRA. In order to receive COBRA, there has to be an employer’s plan to base the rates. If the employer either goes out of business and has no group insurance any more, or simply decides that insurance is too expensive and ends the group policy, there is NO offer of COBRA to the former or current employees. If the group plan ends, so does the offer of COBRA. Again, without a group to base the rates, there can’t be an offer of COBRA. In our clients situation, we had to move her and most of her fellow employees to individual plans.

Michelle’s Law – Do you have full-time college students? What you should know. November 9, 2009

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With so much activity regarding healthcare changes, it’s certainly difficult to keep abreast of all the different laws enacted and determine how they affect you and your family. Michelle’s Law goes into effect on January 1, 2010. What this law requires is, if your dependent child attending college loses their full-time student status due to a serious illness or injury and takes a leave of absence, they will continue their coverage in an employer’s group health plan for up to one year after the leave begins or the date on which the child’s coverage under the group plan would end.

For example: The state applies coverage regulations for dependent children who are full-time students up to 25 years old; if the child takes a leave from college at age 22, they would remain covered for up to one year without being a full-time student; however if the child takes a leave from college at age 24 and turns 25 in 3 months, Michelle’s Law no longer applies and coverage does not extend past the maximum age of 25.

As a parent with college student, Michelle’s Law is a need-to-know. You will know that your child is covered or you can make the necessary decisions for changes to your health care plan.

COBRA Enrollment Doubles after Federal Subisdy August 25, 2009

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It’s not only the cash for clunkers piece of the economic stimulus package that has proven to be an overwhelming success. Since the federal government began paying 65% of the COBRA Premium for up to nine months, COBRA enrollment has doubled according to an analysis conducted by Hewitt Associates, Inc.

For the period March through June enrollment rates for laid-off employees averaged 38% compared to 19% in the prior period.